Beyond the Trees: A Thriller Ronnie Burch Woodall



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Beyond the Trees: A Thriller  by  Ronnie Burch Woodall

Beyond the Trees: A Thriller by Ronnie Burch Woodall
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THE TRUTH CAN GET YOU KILLED.Its Los Angeles, 1959, in the middle of a heat wave. A gone mad holy man is collecting disciples along with a stolen relic of immense value. The job is to find and return the artifact without your name turning up in the obituary pages.When private detective Jessup T.

Biggs is hired by an art collector the case seems simple at first. But truth wears many masks and the ceremonial drinking cup of a long dead king is attracting fortune hunters, voodoo whodats, shady ladies and deadly prophecy.Biggs needs this high profile investigation to pay off a serious gambling debt. His wife skedaddled and the bottom of a whiskey bottle is his last true friend. Fate and magic intermingle and become indistinguishable from reality.

There might be a path out of this murderous maze, but it wont be easy or perfect. Personal discovery always has a price.

Enter the sum

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