Le Quebecois: The Virgin Forest Doris Provencher Faucher

ISBN: 9780967911236

Published: September 28th 2000


262 pages


Le Quebecois: The Virgin Forest  by  Doris Provencher Faucher

Le Quebecois: The Virgin Forest by Doris Provencher Faucher
September 28th 2000 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 262 pages | ISBN: 9780967911236 | 4.33 Mb

Excellent story of the life of Sebastien Provencher, an early settler of New France (Quebec). He is also a direct ancestor of mine, and the basis for my claim of French-Canadian heritage.Its hard to tell how accurate the story is. I mean, how much information about this guy has really survived down to our day?

Probably not much. So I assume that a lot of it is made up, but the author tried to make the details as plausible as possible. So the author did extensive research on what life was like back in New France at that time and so I imagine the real Sebastiens life & lifestyle were not far from Doris Provenchers depiction.I do feel much closer to Sebastien thanks to this book, and I do feel I understand his life much better.To survive in the wilderness at that time in that place required that you be really tough and a hard worker. Sebastien makes me feel like such a slacker. He inspires me to carry on his legacy, to be more industrious.

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