Bedtime Stories--Standards for Students宝贝睡前故事-弟子规 Yu Feiyu 余非鱼




143 pages


Bedtime Stories--Standards for Students宝贝睡前故事-弟子规  by  Yu Feiyu 余非鱼

Bedtime Stories--Standards for Students宝贝睡前故事-弟子规 by Yu Feiyu 余非鱼
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The book illustrates the necessary merits such as respecting the parents and the elders, concerning about brothers, ways of communication, etc. It is a best choice for childrens enlightenment and education. The sentences in the book are all formed by 3 words which read in measured tones. Simple explanations are added in the book. Furthermore, to make a better understanding, the writer also makes lively and interesting stories after every passage and delicate pictures. Readers will feel traditional virtue of Chinese nation in the process of reading.本书讲解了孝敬父母、尊敬长辈、关爱兄弟、修身养性、为人处世、读书求学等应有的礼仪规范,是启蒙养正、教育孩子的最佳读物。本书三字一句,读起来抑扬顿挫,朗朗上口,书中不但添加了浅显易懂的释文,为配合小朋友理解,还在每一小段落精心汇编了一个个生动有趣的小故事,并配上精美彩插,让小读者在轻松愉快的阅读中,感受中华民族的传统美德。

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